Competition 2012

IInd International Competition for Musical Composition marenostrum Premio Città di Fossacesia 2012

Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179), nun,abbess, sage, and now saint of the German Middle Ages, was an important figure of her time, as is the revival of interest in her for ours. And this is not least because of her music. Her seventy-seven vocal compositions were already renowned in her lifetime, beyond the borders as far as France. Medieval music in general and Hildegard’s in particular was perceived as a vehicle not only of faith, but also as a direct expression of the laws of nature and the universe, as well as a valuable vessel for the healing of illnesses. The magic of he monophonic melodies of Hildegard  – richly ornamented, but still so natural – comes across even into the present day.
It was in this context that the composition competition “marenostrum” wanted to stimulate a fruitful exchange between different worlds of sound and thought. The task was to take a section of a song by Hildegard was to take a section of a song by Hildegard and translate it into the instrumental language of the recorder on the one hand in a contemporary tonal language, in the sense of each composer.

By the closing date for submissions, high quality entries had been received from composers in seven countries – Italy, Germany, Great Britain (from England and Scotland), Sweden, France, the U.S.A and Argentina - , which will enrich the contemporary repertoire of the recorder.

The six members of the international jury with chairman Claudio Ambrosini giving votes to the anonymously presented scores, decided to award the prize Premio Città di Fossacesia consisting in performing, recording and editing three pieces to the following composers:

1. Rainer Rubbert, Germany
2. Damiano Lazzaron, Italy
3. Ewan Campbell, Great Britain

The pieces will be presented in the Festival dell’Armonia in the concert dedicated to Hildegard of Bingen Saturday 29th of September in the Abbazia di S. Giovanni in Venere and a second time in a concert in Berlin in the context of the festivities for the city’s 775th anniversary: it will take place Saturday 20th of October 2012 at 7 p.m. in the St. Johannes-Evangelist-Church organized in collaboration with Berlin 775, Kulturprojekte Berlin and Kulturbüro Sophien. The neoromanic, ex-University church of the celebrious Humboldt-University is in the very vital city center of Berlin-Mitte in the Oranienburger Str./Tacheles/Synagoge-Quarter. In this occasion more pieces of the contest will be performed: besides the prize-winning pieces by Rainer Rubbert (Berlin), Damiano Lazzaron (Padova) and Ewan Campbell (Cambridge) also the pieces written by Eva Lopszyc (Argentina), Catherine Downton (Great Britain) and Burton Goldstein (USA) will be heard.

This concert is online on:

The Score, edited by Edizioni Sconfinarte and the CD (label Retropalco) will be presented in the concert dedicated to Hildegard of Bingen on the 29th of September.
Congratulations to the winners and many thanks to all participants! Hildegard lives!


The Association ITACA and the city administration of Fossacesia in collaboration with Ensemble Commedia Nova and the publisher Edizioni Sconfinarte are pleased to announce the

Second International Competition for Musical Composition “marenostrum” Città di Fossacesia.

The competition is devoted to a subject which connects the 4th international Festival dell’Armonia “marenostrum” for early music and theatre (28-30 September 2012 in the Abbazia di S. Giovanni in Venere di Fossacesia) with the forthcoming canonization of Hildegard von Bingen:

Task description
The prescribed task is to compose a work based on, or applying in some way, a fragment or a part of a melody by Hildegard von Bingen for recorder solo presenting it in the light of contemporary composition. The melody can be freely chosen and it’s title should be indicated. The original manuscript of her songs can be found in the internet under

General requirements
The composition should be dedicated to the recorder or several recorders played by a soloist (who can also use the voice); the recorders can be chosen from the following:
• Ganassi recorder, Alto in G
• Medieval/Renaissance recorder: Tenor in C
• Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass baroque/modern
• Great Bass in C and Double Bass in F (Paetzold model)

The length of the composition should be from 5-10 minutes.
The competition is open for composers of all nationalities and without age limitation.

The following prize will be awarded to three chosen compositions. The prize, consisting of publication, performance and recording of the works is aimed at assisting the compositions to reach the largest possible international audience:
- an edition of the first three prize-winning works by the international publisher Edizioni Sconfinarte
- a recording of the first three prize-winning works by the label Retropalco
- performance in the 4th International Festival dell’Armonia on the 29th of September 2012
- performance in Berlin in the season 2012/13

Presidency: Claudio Ambrosini (composer – Venice); Members: Andreina Costantini (composer – Bologna/Conservatorio Rovigo), Tim Florence (composer – Berlin/Brisbane), Stefano Celeghin (composer/recorder player/conductor – Conservatorio Rovigo), Georgios Sfyridis (composer/conductor – Berlin/Thessaloniki), Michael Form (recorder player/conductor – Granada/Hochschule der Künste Bern)

PDF with Info on recorder types and examples of Hildegard von Bingen:

hildegard von bingen